Grillz Set

Method of use

1. Place the white fixing wax in the groove of the gold tooth.
2. Dip the gold tooth (silver tooth) together with the fixed wax into the hot water of about 70-80 degrees with the tweezers for about 15-30 seconds to make the fixed wax soft.
(Note, do not use boiling water or boiling water, otherwise the fixed wax will be soaked and cannot be used)
3. Put the gold teeth (silver teeth) into your mouth and gently bite the alloy teeth with the upper and lower teeth. The softened fixed wax is pressed by the teeth to adjust the shape in the user's mouth, and matches the tooth shape to fix the shape.
4. If the shaping effect is not good, repeat the setting until it is satisfactory.
5. After using the braces every time, wash them with water and dry them.
Suggestions for use: With braces, a lot of things in your mouth, you won't be very comfortable with it. Just stick with it two or three times and just take it out. Please take out the braces when you eat. Keep your mouth clean.
1. This product is for entertainment purposes only.
2. Eating, sleeping, please remove the braces.
3. To avoid the use of high temperature hot water immersion silica gel.
4.To avoid and daily chemical products such as (skin care products, hair care products) contact.

Grillz Set

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